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Input on E-collar training for chasing Flies all over Du-du (2nd post)

Did some research on line and the only thing I came across was maybe some E-collar training. Any input would be great.
Please help !!! the other alternate is to give him up to a GSD rescue. We can’t have 24/7 watch over him.

See original post below:

This is our third German shepherd we have owed and this is the first time I have come across this problem. A little background first we adopted NENE at 9 months from a lady that was moving and she did not have room for him in her new place.
We currently live in Lancaster Ca. Our home has a large back yard and I created a very nice concrete dog run on the side of the house that is approximately 15ftx25ft with a doggy door on the side of the garage.

The problem we are having is NĕNĕ started chasing flies. It all started last summer in the backyard he would be in the yard and would take a bio-break and then he would start chasing the flies that were attracted by the bio-break he would run over the du-du and it would be all over his legs and all over the back yard a total mess. It subsided during the winter no flies. This year it started up again we have been putting him in the dog run and we have the same problem bio-break chasing flies du-du all over the place legs, concrete, again a total mess. I know some of you would say just pick up after him.

However We take him out to the dog run just before we leave for work in the morning we can't be there all day waiting for him to do his bio-break so can pick up and clean up. We never had this problem with any of our other German Shepherd Dogs we would let them out in the dog run in the morning we would come back in the afternoon pick up and clean the dog run no problems with NĕNĕ we get home and there is a total mess in the dog run the worst part is he covered in du-du We want to be able to fix the problem we don’t want to give him up but we are at the end of the rope PLEASE Help!
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