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Question Wrist supports?

Sugar has acquired a limp on her front right leg. We're pretty certain it's a sprain. The problem is that every time it starts to get better, she goes back to her old habits of chasing things which re-injures the leg. We've been restricting her activities, but she's rather insistent.

I'm not too worried about the sprain so much and more concerned about what's happening to her other leg as a result. Because of the sprain, she's been carrying her weight on the good leg. That leg is now showing signs of carpal hyper-extension at the wrist. The wrist is around 45 degrees which seems pretty excessive. I've ordered a pair of Therapaw athletic wrist supports in the hopes of correcting this and providing support for the injured wrist. Has anyone tried these? I'm curious to know if they worked out for you or if I need to just cancel the order and do something else.
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