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This is so maddening . . And what about the dogs who cannot be walked safely without a prong? Is euthanasia preferable to the use of a prong collar?!

I teach obedience classes throughout the year. A few years ago, an elderly woman signed up for classes. Her son was serving in Iraq and she was caring for his large, exceptionally strong pit bull. The woman was very weak from ongoing chemo treatments. She wanted to be able to walk the dog safely. This was a case where power steering was necessary for her safety as well as the safety of people & dogs in her neighborhood.

I suppose the smiley, happy, utopian society people would recommend the ongoing, costly, and in our area nonexistent services of a behaviorist. But guess what? In the real world people have real issues with their dogs and they need various tools at their disposal.

Sorry for the rant - I just feel like banning prongs will lead to higher euthanasia rates for strong, large breed dogs.

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