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Questions with Male vs Female

Hello everyone so I'm back with some more questions!

I was supposed to get a male german shepherd/King sheppherd
But I was talking to the people that we're getting the puppy from and they said that they only have females left.. I really want a big dog that will be proective and kind to my family but also intimidating but sweet.
I understand its all about socializing the puppy and stimulating their brains because they're so intelligent.

Do female king shepherd/german shepherds grow to male size?

I've heard females usually bond to the family but will always have the one person they go to and see as their master. I've read that females go to the males and the males go to the females. I'm female and I'm scared my puppy won't bond to me as her main master.

I've heard that females are also quicker to train?

I don't really care the gender of the dog but I want her to bond to the family and be kind. I will love her regardless of her size but I would love to know!

Any info/opinions?
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