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Dogs Naturally article on 'Naturally Immunizing'

Prevent Parvo and Distemper Without Vaccination | Dogs Naturally Magazine

What do you guys think about this article?

I am all for following a limited vaccination schedule, and doing titers, but this article is suggesting you purposely try to expose your puppies to parvo & distemper by taking them to ponds that raccoons are known to frequent.

It's also saying that pups have higher survival rates when treated with homeopathic medicine than conventional medicine. Which is fine and dandy, but is it not better to prevent it, rather than treat it?

Considering the high mortality rate of the diseases, and the fact that the AVMA published a journal stating that 95%+ and 97%+ of dogs vaccinated have lifelong immunity, it seems silly to take the risk?


When I expressed my disapproval to the article on the FB group, my comments were deleted and I was banned. Am I the only one who think this article is putting dangerous ideas into people's heads?
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