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Hip dysplasia suddenly worse

Hey guys. We have a retired TSA bomb dog, Krok, who is almost 11 years old. He has been with us for over a year......when we got him, he did have a slight issue with his back legs, but it didn't slow him down at all. He could still run, jump, etc. just great for his age. We figured it was probably early hip dysplasia, but it didn't affect him at all. We figured we had a good long while with him.

The last few months, he has really taken a turn for the worse. He now cannot jump up on the kids' low beds. We have to help him down and especially up, the 2 stairs to the back yard. He has trouble getting up from a laying or sitting position. He walks with a stumbling gait, often crossing the back two legs. Sometimes he will just fall over when walking. He doesn't seem to be in pain, though. He still wants us to help him up on the bed so the kids can cuddle with him. He still loves his kong. He hasn't had any accidents in the house. He still "looks" happy most of the time. You can tell it bums him out not being able to get to where he wants, though. We help him when we see this and he seems grateful. It's tough to watch him go downhill......

I don't know if this is still hip dysplasia or something more like DM. The rapid progression over the last few months worries me. Can hip dysplasia suddenly get worse like this or does is suggest something worse like DM?

I had so hoped we'd have more time with him. Don't get me wrong, we are no where ready to put him down......but if the rate of decline he has experienced lately won't be good soon.

I know there is probably no answer to this.....but what has been others' experiences in a case like this.....suddenly going downhill? Are we looking at not very much time left with him? I know it's a quality of life far, he still belongs here with us. I just worry.....

I have a call in to the vet to see if there is anything that might help him. He is on a food with glucosamine, but that's it right now.

Thanks for your insight. I am so sad to see him taking this turn.

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