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Question Techniques for stopping playful puppy biting...

Finnick is 9 weeks old, he is doing absolutely perfectly!!! Crate training is going well (knock on wood), he has only had one accident in his 4 days here (knock on more wood)! The only problem i'm really having is that he mouths when he's excited/happy.

It's not even hard mouthing, and he doesn't do it a tonne. But he will lay at my feet and pull my trousers and if I sit down he will try and mouth my hands and arms. I wouldn't mind it normally, but I have 3 young nieces and don't really want him mouthing them.

What techniques did you find helped?

I have tried to do this, but he just walks away and lays down or something...

I'm still trying to find treats that he will actually eat, he just constantly drops the treats we have tried...drops treat from mouth, chews treat, drops treat from mouth and so on lol. Maybe he's not food motivated?

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