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Originally Posted by Sslitovkin View Post
I saw a story about a dog with bloat and read that it can be common in certain breeds of dogs more than others. I read up on it, and now that I have worried myself crazy about my dog ever getting it, I was just wondering if anyone knew more about things to do to try and prevent it? I have read a few things like not letting your pup drink lots of water right after eating, no rigorous activity right after eating, etc. I know I probably sounds crazy but I'd rather be over cautious when it comes to something like that , any advice would be much appreciated!
Feeding your dog smaller meals 2-3 times a day rather than one large meal a day, moistening dry food in water, letting it absorb the water before feeding, feeding with elevated food bowls. The big one you know already, don't allow vigorous activity for at least an hour after feeding.
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