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Question Is our little guy a coatie??

I was convinced he was a coatie when we got him (breeder said he didn't think so, that he just had longer/fluffier puppy hair because it had been the coldest winter in 25 years). People here also thought he was a coatie.

A couple of weeks ago we saw a long coat WGSL German Shepherd who was, no joke, the most beautiful GSD I have ever seen. Just stunning and probably what some people would call a plush, as he didn't really have flowing long hair, just longer hair. My husband then became obsessed with wanting Hans to have a mane like a lion.

But the older he gets I am not 100% sure anymore that he's a coatie. His dog walker has another GSD puppy client, a coatie and she and Hans look very, ver different at this point. Any thoughts based on the pics?

8 weeks:

10 weeks:

14 weeks:

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