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Neutering on Monday - nervous!!

My GSD broke his leg just before 1yo and wound up having three surgeries, and a five month period of complete confinement - no playing, no running, no jumping, certainly no further socializing with other people and animals. This was a horrible tragedy. He had been so very thoroughly socialized prior to this. When he was able to get out and about it was winter, so things were limited. And now he is full grown at about 120#. (Please don't tell me no GSD should ever be this large, the size of his snout is even larger than sizing charts for muzzles. He is big and beautiful.) Now, he is somewhat aggressive. He is hard to handle because of his size. He doesn't care about our electric fence when the poor cross-country runner comes by our house - he will go right through the fence and chase the poor guy with his hackles up and all, one scary sight. UPS will no longer come to our door. Taking him out in public on his leash is a nightmare, as sometimes he will decide someone is a threat and he goes all ape **** on them. I can't imagine what would happen if we encountered a roaming dog his size...there would be blood. So, we have an appointment to have him neutered. This is only hoping it will help us work with his natural instincts to better train him to be our family pet and still maintain his guarding prowess; we hope he will be less aggressive when he really should not be. We take our dogs everywhere, and he can't be acting like that when we take him camping, to soccer tournaments, etc. He has never bitten anyone and we have multiple cats and chickens that he has never considered hurting. On occasion he has mouthed an arm while playing (which we don't allow) and even with no pressure applied at all you can tell he could snap your arm in a heartbeat!
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