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Originally Posted by laniefly View Post
Luna is a 2 ys old female. My husband is primarily the one who has trained her. He just got put on orders with the military for the next I am in charge of her care. I really want to work on some training/negative behaviors she has with me so things run smoothly.

1. she pulls me like crazy!!! She is close to 80 lbs and when I 1st go to take her outside she drags me along to get to where she wants to go. I have fallen before due to her pulling me as I try to get out the door. I work 12 hr shifts as a RN and my parents have offered to come let her out and walk her, but I declined b/c I am afraid she would hurt them by knocking them down and then she would get loose. I had a prong collar on her for a bit, but it really did not seem to make a difference.

2. Getting her to listen to me since my husband has been the primary trainer. She relates me to playing and feeding her...and basically ignores me when I give her a command. I would love to take her to the dog park and let her interact with other dogs, but I am nervous she will not listen to me and I wont be able to control her. She is not aggressive to people, but she barks loudly at other dogs and its been a while since we have gone. I have never taken her hubby was always there.

Anyways, tips /advice appreciated. My husband will be gone for a year so I would really like her to listen to me during that time lol. Simple training tips we can start working on would be great! She is super smart and LOVES her kong. That's the toy my husband used with training. Thanks!!!!!!
I am by no means an authority in this department, but have a boy who does some of the very same things. I have him on a prong collar, but my ultimate goal is to move away from it. Here's what I do. When we are on our walk and he starts to pull, I stop and tell him to sit. When he is in a sit. I say "lets go" and start walking, but will only take a step or two and then put him in a sit again. I increase the number of steps I take based on when he starts to pull on the leash again. This can go on for quite a while depending on how crazy he decides to be. I treat good behavior and ignore him for bad behavior (this kills him, but might not have an effect on your girl. Try a negative marker like..collar correction...the uh-uh noise or something that says "wrong, try again").

At home, make her work for every single thing. She has to do her sit, down, stay,etc. commands to get breakfast, dinner, toy, tug, or to even go to her crate at bed time (if you have one).

As to the dog park, try going at a time when there will be fewer dogs around so she isn't overwhelmed and you can work with her on recall. Maybe even going in the shy dog area, because it's smaller and it will be easier to get her back in control. Bring her high value treats. The ones that she will do anything for and reward her when she comes on command. Never give her a negative marker when using the come command. You want that command to mean that its a thousand times more fun to come to you than whatever it is that she's doing.

Hopefully this helps you. I know they are working for me, but my guy is a work in progress.
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