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here... General Puppy Stuff - German Shepherd Dog Forums

Good info in all the stickies..

Also, 8 weeks is not too early to train things like that. Titan knew sit, come and down in the first weekend I had him.. just because it worked out taht way. For me it just came a part of our bonding. He wanted some of my Chicken, and I wanted him to work for it rather than just get it.

At this age I wouldn't start instantly with Training as your goal, jsut build the relationship with him, with a lot of positivity.. and of course boundaries that you are going to stick by! ex: if you don't want him on the couch when he's older, then you shouldn't let him there as a baby puppy no matter how cute he looks at you and begs... you think it won't matter.. but it does.. true life story from Whitney and Titan

I am going to 100% disagree with your lack of desire to crate train simply because I think you might have the wrong idea about it and it is such a great thing once it's trained! I personally would not leave your pup in the bathroom. If you are absolutely against crate training, I would look into some kind of pen that you can set up where they only have access to things you allow. There is jsut too many things a puppy can get into in the bathroom.. IMO Take a look at this first though..

What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)

Can't wait to see pictures of your pup You are going to be in love!


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