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Default 8 week puppy questions!

Hello everyone
I just joined the forums and I'm so glad I did, everyone seems very knowledgeable which I need some right now!

So april 22 I'm getting a 8 week old GSD puppy.
I personally have always loved my dogs sleeping and cuddling in the same bed as me. But my old dog was about 6 years old and about 1-2 years old when we got him.

So my question is how old was your puppies when/if they started to sleep with you. Did they ever pee or poop on bed?

Is 8 weeks to young to start teaching them how to sit and potty train them?

Any tips on potty training?

I don't personally believe in leaving my dogs in crates or cages because of the size. I usually will leave the dog in the bathroom for their space when I'm not home. Is the bathroom a good place to keep them when you're not home? And if you use pee pads did they take to them well?

Sorry for all the questions but I thought it would be good to get some info from other GSD owners.

Thanks so much
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