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Broken tail

Hi all
It seems like no matter how long you've been into dogs, you still will occasionally deal with things you have never dealt with before.

We have no idea how, but our male has broken his tail. It is the fifth bone from the last. The vets say it really needs to be amputated because of how the break is. The break is not straight across otherwise they said it could probably heal up without being taken off. They are concerned with it cutting off blood flow to the rest of his tail. He has a spot on the end also that he was licking on because of the pain and it has gotten infected. This has all just happened within the last few days.

My question is, have any of you experienced this and not had to take the tail off? We would really like to save it if possible but want what is best for him. Originally she said they would probably just take it off right above the broken bone, but after the other vet (the one who would be doing the surgery) looked at the x-ray he said he is concerned with phantom pain and that our male will always be bothering his tail, in other words, he thinks more of the tail should be amputated and not just above the break.


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