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Dogs are out!

My sister is down for two weeks visiting. She isn't too much an 'animal' person. She's an ER Nurse and she's seen her fair share of dog bites. She is nervous around my dogs, so when she's down, I don't leave the 'big' dogs milling in the house. When we are outside, the dogs are with us. But when we go into the house, the dogs either go into the back yard, or in their kennels.

We are having a strong wind event today. My sister went down to the bay to visit some old friends, but due to the weather they cut the day short. After she was home a bit she noticed Hondo and Lonestar walking around the front yard. She called me, frantic on the phone:

Her: "The dogs are loose!!!! Oh God!"

Me: "Open the door and tell them 'Kennel'.

Her: "They won't mind me! Oh God!"

Me: "Keep me on the phone, open the door and say, 'Dogs! Kennel!"

Her: "Ok.....Dogs! Kennel!"

Me: "Now, turn around and walk towards my bedroom."

Her: "Oh My God! They're following me! They're actually minding me!"

Me: "Don't look at the dogs. Just go to Hondo's kennel and open it."

Her: "Gooooood Boooooy! Goooood Boooy! He went in his kennel! He actually went in his kennel!!"

Me: "Now go put Lonestar up."

Her: "Where is he?"

Me: "He better be waiting in his kennel."

Her: "Oh My God! He is in his kennel!!!!"

Me: "Go shut his door, I'll be home in an hour."

Her: "I can't believe the minded me! I can't believe it!"

Me: "Pansy."

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