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Unhappy Crate Training Failure!

I've read almost everything there is out there about crate training. I got my pup (9 weeks old) comfortable going in and out of the crate on her own. I then would feed her meals in the crate and the lock the door while she ate. I started to slowly increase the amount of time she was in there with the ultimate goal being that when I have to leave the house as well as at night, she will stay in the crate.

However, now she won't even let me lock the door while she eats. She picks up some food then spins around to make sure the door is still open. If it's not then she begins screaming. Not whining or barking, but practically howling! She does not quit.

I tried putting her in with a blanket, without a blanket, special kong treat, no toys, etc. She doesn't care if I'm sitting right next to the crate or on the other side of the house, she screams the whole time.

I'm not sure what to do now. She was slowly improving and now I feel like were worse than she was on day 1.

Help???? I don't like the idea of leaving her out all night. Not just because of the housebreaking issues but also because I can't be sure she's not getting into anything bad (although I've tried my best to puppy proof the house). Thanks!!
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