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If you've been working with your dog and he's not leash reactive, which I would assume to be the case then "most likely" it would be fine as long as you can stay calm!

I've started taking Rocky to an on leash dog park. So other dogs around but usually at a distance and if dogs are off leash they are well controlled!

It was actually pretty amazing, I saw the difference between a dog taught to ignore other dogs and a dog that was taught to play with other dogs.

Rocky wasn't allowed to play or get close. But there was this Golden Retriever, that had a frisbee and just sat and smiled while he held it in his mouth. He looked at us and his owner ,he clearly wanted to play but he just sat and watched us.

Rocky never got out of control or crazy but he was clearly more "excited" about seeing other dogs. Rocky has been "conditioned" to be civil around other dogs, the Golden had been conditioned or maybe it's genetics to like other dogs.

I was really surprised at the difference between the two dogs. I found the contrast pretty amazing!
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