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Zeus Did His Job (moved to stories)

Just got back from walking Zeus ~ 3 miles, put Zeus in the yard behind the house, grabbed a Gatorade and went outside to lean on the mailbox to enjoy the north wind when a teenager shouted, "Hey", in a less than polite tone and then asked if I could give him directions to a home nearby.

I said sure. It's a short ways off. And, I'm bad at directions. So, I'll just walk you part-way until you can see the place.

But this kid seemed a bit unusual. I'd never seen him before and he had that look in his eyes like he was evaluating me and the situation. So, I was on alert.

He asked if he could have some water. I said sure, I'll bring it out here for ya.

He saw the Beware of Dog sign and shouted a question to me asking what kind of dof I had. I told him I had a male GSD.

Once in the house I could seen him looking the property over pretty well, including the truck in the driveway. So, I not only got a Gatorade bottle for him, but also slipped back on my pistol and pocketed a can of Mace in each front pocket which I'd just taken off from the walk with Zeus who was now in the backyard. I also opened the back door so the dog could have access to the house.

When I handed him the water bottle he asked again about the dog and mentioned that he didn't see the dog when I'd opened the door. He wondered if the dog was penned. I just said, "Here's your water and let's get going."

I walked with this kid for about 1/4 mile and all the while he was telling me what a hard life he'd have being abused and all, having a curfew to get to and his friend would take him, telling me he'd walked miles and miles to see his friend, telling me he went to the nearby high school for dullards and criminals (people who stab and shoot other kids) and asking me about my family and job. I deduced he was right handed.

I palmed both cans of spray, kept a position just out of reach and a bit behind him so he would have to telegraph any move from his right hand and when we reached a point where he could almost see his destination I gave him final directions and turned to leave. He turned and offered to hand me the now-empty Gatorade bottle with his left hand.

Taking it would have forced me to approach closely to him and his right hand was not visible. So, I told him to keep it. He rather insisted and I told him I didn't want it back and besides, there was another neighbor's trash can just 10 yards away in this direction of travel. He offered the bottle again and, again, I declined.

Then he said the weirdest thing, "I see your one of those sorts of people.". I didn't ask what he meant.

I turned to walk off as did he but he kept watching me and when I turned fully to see him he seemed to have predatory eyes but, perhaps in response to my fully turning, just thanked me for the water bottle.

I walked home without incident. But I was certain our encounter wasn't over. So, rather than putting the pistol in the safe I positioned it near the front door along with the Mace and sat down to watch TV. I also opened the back door where Zeus was lounging after his long walk.

Not 20 minutes later the door bell rang and there this kid was again. Again, he was standing profile to me with his right hand obscured. Through the door he asked if I would mind giving him a ride home as the friend he'd come to see didn't show. I positioned the pistol muzzle against the door, cocked the trigger, palmed a Mace and told him that I didn't have a working vehicle, so, I couldn't help him.

He correctly pointed out the truck in the driveway and I said it wasn't working now due to transmission problems. Then he started complaining that his life was crap because people like me wouldn't help him when he needed it and he started aggressively using the knocker on the door making a **** of a racket.

I moved the pistol muzzle to the eye peep hole but then felt something brush by my leg and I was Zeus. At first, Zeus didn't know what the noise was and didn't understand why I seemed agitated. but he knew the noise was aggressive, coming from the other side of the door and that I was agitated. So, he alarm barked.

Then he poked his nose under the curtains next to the door and spied the kid. All Dog-Bark-**** ensued and he ripped down the curtains in his fury exposing for the first time his 110 lb. frame and pearly white gnashing teeth to the kid.

The kid immediately was taken aback and took several steps back saying "I didn't mean anything. Don't call the cops or anything. I didn't do anything." I told him to get off my properly or I do worse than call the cops, I'd let the dog on him.

He wanted nothing from the dog.

He quite literally bounded off the lawn and briskly walked away down the street all the while looking back over his shoulder to ensure the dog wasn't pursuing. His face was ashen.

I praised the dog after he'd settled down a bit and got him some treats. Then I went outside (armed) to warn two neighbors who were delivering neighborhood telephone books about this kid. They got on their cell and called the neighborhood-paid, off-duty patrolman who showed up, took a description and then set off to find the kid and question him. I later learned that he did stop the kid, didn't arrest him but learned that he was on parole for assault.

Moral, maybe Zeus isn't Schutzhund III and protection trained but he isn't taking any crap from anyone and will present himself as a very vicious dog willing to attack if 1) someone's on his property and 2) if that someone is doing something that offends him and 3) if his master seems agitated.

Great breed.


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