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Immersion Training idea

I've only been to a couple conformation dog shows as a spectator but what most impressed me was the conduct of the dogs.....there were hundreds of dogs, all in close proximity to other dogs.....oodles of poodles, scads of labs, multitudes of Norwegian name it...they were there by the dozens....and not one of them were anything less than incredibly well behaved....not one single bark from any of them. All of them calm, cool and collected.

So, since one can obviously bring a dog into these arenas and convention centers where they have the dog shows, what do you think of this idea...I bring my somewhat excitable GSD who's still learning the fine art of civil coexistence with her peers, walk her onto the main floor when the rings are filled and dogs are awaiting their turn next in the rings and then just cut her loose?? Yeah, maybe it might be pure mayhem for a short bit but after 20 minutes or so, she'd probably pick up on the calm vibe of all the other dogs and cure all of her rough edges in regards to her excitement around other dogs.

And the best part is..all it would cost is the admission price into the dog show...much cheaper than a private this a great idea or what?

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