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Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
My dogs have always had their immunizations on the traditional schedule, as recommended by our vet. I have been reading often lately that most dogs are being way over immunized. I take Heidi to the vet next week; she is 12 years old. Should I question whether she needs the distemper shot?

I think our vet's belief is that it is really just a very few dogs that get sick from the shots and comparing that to the grievousness of the diseases, that it is worth the risk. I should add that Heidi has never had a bad reaction to immunizations. But I am starting to wonder...
I am not giving advice here. I remember being taught and taught well, young dogs and old dogs are susceptible to getting sick. It's the middle years 4 - 6 that I was told it may not do any good, the "tiger count" has peaked. At 12, if the dog does get sick, well we all know how heartbreaking the goodbye's are, and we all hate to think about it..

Thanks, Peggy Bissett, "Peggy's Mountain," you were the greatest teacher a young man could ever ask for... The hours of instruction were greatly appreciated... RIP....

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