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Behavior after having pups

Our female had her 2nd litter of pups (this will be her last litter) back in February and the pups are all old enough to go to their new homes (which they will be picked up this Saturday). However, after Jade (the mom) had this litter, she has, well, to put it nicely, lost her mind. She and the pups are currently in a part of our kitchen where she has free roam of the kitchen. She used to have free roam of the entire house but that had to stop when she started to pee and poo everywhere (this is even after being outside to in the mornings twice before I leave for work and is let out again at 3 p.m.). We have had to resort to putting all food or anything that we don't want trashed/eaten in the fridge or cabinets. Even our spatula was fair game to her destruction. Even as of yesterday she tore up the kennel where the pups are at so we had 7 puppies running around the kitchen all day (which my 16 year old wasn't too happy about coming home from school to find many, many unpleasant surprises to clean up). She never did this before she had this litter. She is even trying to be the alpha with our male but he puts her in her place real fast (we constantly have watch over them when they are together just in case it gets too heated). We do plan on having her fixed in 2 weeks but I honestly don't know what to do with her behavior. Just this morning she got into the laundry room and tore up a box of light bulbs (none of them broke thank goodness). My husband wants to find her a new home but I hate having to do that when she is used to us and is a part of the family. But I can't have her using the house as her personal bathroom either. Any advice?
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