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Noticeable pain when eating?

Hey all, I am literally on the verge of breaking down with all the issues I'm having with my boy. He has been to the vet more times on the last 2 months than my friends dog has in the last 6 years.

Two weeks ago he went because he had a possible ear infection (came home undiagnosed). Last week he was there because of conjunctivitis in his right eye. That's just in the last two weeks.

Yesterday I came home and tried to give him a treat. He whimpered when he tilted his head up and opened his mouth. The fact that he was in pain was very noticeable. I am calling the vet this morning to get him in, but are there an thoughts on what it could be? I know there may be a multitude of things but I am just trying to get a general idea (ie pinched nerve, neck issue, back issue, jaw issue).

By the way, he's only 11 MONTHS OLD. Hopefully he just tweaked something and it's nothing too serious.

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