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Odd wake up behavior (save my marriage)

I have a one and three quarter month male that I got from a rescue about 5 mos ago. Basic training went well. He hated being in a cage at night...very loud crying and finally destroyed it one night. He now sleeps in the bedroom on the floor. He sleeps through the night and waits for me to wake up when my husband is out of town. But when my husband is home my dog still settles in at bedtime but wakes up at five or six am pacing and wanting to go out or get up for the day instead of "sleeping in." Its like clockwork. My husband gets up to let him out. Buddy used to do this at two or three in the morning but thank God that stopped.

Also he seems somewhat intimidated by my husband but not horribly so. Very bonded to me and is very much a mama's boy.

Any ideas on how to manage this would be appreciated. THANKS
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