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Speeding in construction zones

There is no snow outside.

This means that it is Barrel Season, We usually have four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Barrel. Only these days the barrels are there in the snow too. And the barrels stick around so long that we've started naming them.

"Yeah, did you see, someone took out Old Sparky?" "No, Really?"

Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but, it is true that the barrels seem to be more permanent than otherwise around here.

But in construction zones the speed limit goes down. And it should. And fines double. Only no one cares.

I can't afford a double fine, so I don't speed in construction zones. Oh, and I would really feel terrible if I caused someone's death because I wanted to get somewhere a few minutes quicker.

But whatever. I was driving along, passing a semi that was going 65 in a 70, and then we hit the construction zone. I slowed to 55mph. The semi continued to go 65, so it pulled beyond me. But before it did a second semi came up and started tailgating me. Fine. I can't move over, there's a semi over there.

So, I wait, because I am not going to speed in a construction zone. The Semi would not wait, and he pulled to the right to pass me. Fine. Knock yourself out. And the car behind him, zipped in behind him, and as he too passed me on the right, he flipped me the bird.

It was a construction zone! These weirdows will do this is snowstorms too. Why go 80 in a construction zone with snow all over the place??? But I lost it and I flipped him the bird too.

And for some reason, today, all the advice I really want to give is to acknowledge them with the middle digit. What's up with that???

Ah well, maybe a good long vacation cruise to somewhere warm and dry is indicated.

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