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First off, I congratulate you and your husband for trying to work things out.

Good luck to you both.

As for your pup. Start first with re-establishing your relationship. No visitors at first. Enroll in an obedience class, get him out on walks, reinforce basic obedience, and do a strict NILF program. I would do this for easily 4-6 weeks before having him loose in your house when people come over. If you are having people over before that period, crate him in a separate room.

During the no visitor time, teach him "place" and make him go to a bed or mat when given the command. Then you can start by desensitizing him to people at the door. You or your husband ring the doorbell. He goes to his "place". Then you can have a neighbor or family member do the same. He goes to "place" the other spouse opens the door while one enforces the command.

Once he is doing that well, then people can start coming in, have a leash on him and keep him busy with a known command, down or sit. I would have zero interaction with guests for a while. Until he can prove that he is listening and attentive. So don't have them throw treats, talk, pet, look at him.

It may take a long time. It may take no time at all. He may revert back to the dog he was before being at your inland.

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