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Question Night time crate sleeping.....

So, my little guy came home today! His name is Finnick and he is absolutely amazing! So far he seems so placid and easy going!

My question is about his crate.....

I am going to be crating him at night time. As it's his very first day at home today, I've been gently coaxing him to go into his crate which he does so with no problem (yay!).

When he goes into the crate, should I wait a while and the close the door? Or close it straight away (seems a bit harsh).

The trouble is, he keeps going to sleep elsewhere! He likes to be near me (expected), or by my feet. I can't wake him up and then put him in his crate because that goes against everything that I've read about crate training! How do I get him to sleep in the crate tonight? What if he doesn't? Should I let him sleep outside of the crate tonight and try to get him used to it again tomorrow? (I didn't really want to start out that way, but I know things don't always go to plan!).

This is my first time crate training a puppy, so forgive me if this question seems stupid

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