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Rant, old stupid guy ruined my walk MOVED TO STORIES

Just took my pup out for a walk, while I'm walking I'm also teaching my dog to learn how to sit when I tell him to so he can learn to sit and stay and some guy drives by yelling at me saying " did you pick up that ****?!!" Made me so mad. Like who are you to yell at me like this?
For one my dog didn't even take a poo.. ?! I look at him all confused cause it know he didn't just poop because it was pushing his butt down so he can sit. I guess he thought he pooped but still it doesn't mean he could shout that out to me. ( I always pick up after my dog) JUST A RANT. He pretty much ruined my lovely walk with my dog. A old dumb guy swearing/yelling at a 17y/o is pretty immature.
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