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Belgian Malinois

Hello all.. Been reading the forum for a while now but just now making my first post. I adopted and Belgian Malinois from a company that trains dogs. She was in the explosives program but did not have the drive to do the work. She is about a year and a half old now and ever since I got her she has been skiddish and scared of certain things. She used to be excited to go outside and would run laps around the yard and generally have fun. As of lately she doesn't even want to go outside and will not leave the patio. With that she has been going to the bathroom on the patio or the very edge of the patio, the second she is done she jumps at the back door and wants back in. I'm also having a problem with her stepping in her own feces and urine which leads me to cleaning her off almost every time I bring her back in now. Has anyone had this problem or know some steps I can take to remedy this problem?
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