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@DJEtzle, thanks. i live top floor of a 2 family. dude downstairs called the landlords, said some lady rang his bell to ask if the dog sniffing the front lawn was his. he claims he knocked on my door before calling them and i didn't answer. they tried calling me but my phone was off. he didn't know what to do so he called the police.
IDK if i believe his story. either way only matters what the cop saw. i'm sure she was on the property when he rolled up. she wouldn't have came for him if she was elsewhere. i would've had to call her back if she was in another yard or in the street. since she was on the property when he rang my bell i'm sure she never left. it only matters what the cop wrote in his report. i have to go to city hall and pay $5 for a copy of that. paying the bitch tax while i'm there.

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