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Hot sauce and cigarettes excite me too

I had kids cut through my yard and leave the gate open..I let my Jack Russell out in the yard ( can't see the gate from the backdoor , and we never use the backyard reason to think they would be open) . I went into the living room to put a Sesame on for the baby , and there is my JRT in the front yard hanging out ??!?!?!

No cops came or anything..but yes guests both invited and uninvited will leave your gate open.

That was years ago that I have a 130 pound Mastiff , A 90 pound Boxer/hound/pit mix , and an 80 pound GSD , kids they don't cut through my yard anymore lol

Alvin - GSD - born @ late February 2013
Bo - Boxer/Hound - born @ late June 2008
Greta - English Mastiff - born somewhere between 2003 and 2005 ,estimated.
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