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This Really Excites Me!!!

This is the best! julie, not july like the cop wrote, decided she would bust outta the house while i was sleeping. had a buddy over that let himself out just before i took a nap. i guess he doesn't know how to close a door. he went out the back then didn't close the gate leaving the backyard. julie thought she'd like to sniff the front yard. a neighbor called the cops. doorbell rang and i open the door to a cop and julie standing right next to him wagging her tail and smiling. the cop wasn't smiling.

no dog license i'm screwed. will plea guilty by reason of ignorance. say i didn't know and pay the $15 bitch tax before the court date.

dog at large i'm fighting 'cause she never left my property, it's not fenced but the city ordinance only says dog at large is off leash anywhere other then the owner's premises.

morale of the story is when letting yourself out of someone's house, leave all doors and gates as they were.

the one that has ruined my life. she's the best!
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