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I have to agree with Diesel. Did your trainer suggest utilizing the e-collar to comply with your quiet command when you have guests over?

My boy doesn't care for children. Whereas he isn't aggressive, he just displays the intense focus that makes me uneasy. This only happens in our home. I found it safer to kennel him when we have children over.

My grand-niece came over last summer to stay with me for a couple of weeks (with my sister). I kept her away from my GSD, better to be safe than sorry. After a day or two, I realized my boy showed no interest in her any longer. Under strict supervision my grand neice and Hondo met. He couldn't have cared any less.

I still kept them apart in the house, as he is a big dog and she a little girl, but when we'd go outside (where he'd have plenty of room to move away if he felt the need) he was perfectly fine.

When we are off property, he shows no interest at all in children.

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