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Default Help! Aggressive sleeping

Hey all, I rescued Jerry Lee (for MAGSR) about 12 weeks ago. He was clearly a stray for a while and very underweight. He also had heart worms but now is completely healthy and recovered. He has turned into one of the best dogs I've ever known. He's extremely obedient and seems to have a heightened awareness to his surroundings. He's getting more protective as he gets comfortable at my house but definitely in a good way and not over the top.

He really is a love bug and lap dog. He loves being close to me, being in my face and will basically allow me to do anything, including clipping his nails and other things dogs aren't keen on. He does nothing but follow me around, pretty much.

He was laying on the couch yesterday with me and I did not know he must have been out like a light for some time. I leaned back to give him a little love, almost hug-like and must have startled him because he woke in a panic and tried taking a few chomps at me. All of this lapsed in about 1.5 seconds. Once he was fully awake he seemed completely fine. It was clearly a panic type defense and it makes me wonder if he had a hard time sleeping as a stray or if something else can cause this.

Has anyone ever experienced their dog do this?
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