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Photos of the whole gang (including the recent failed foster)

I'm sure some of you with multiple dogs know how difficult it is to get these shots. Luckily mine are pretty well trained...but Watson has his moments. I've never had such a problem teaching a dog "stay" but his separation anxiety seems to roll over into a simple stay with me moving 4 feet away.

But..we've worked on it for weeks and he's come along so well. He's a great dog and one of those that I just can't believe he ended up in a shelter. Someone's loss is certainly my gain! I like to think he's better off.

The owners did finally come forward about him but were uninterested in paying his "adoption" fee to get him out once they discovered he was already neutered.

Anyway, on to the pics! We have found out (since the owners came forward) that Watson is now 10 months old, my Briard just hit 11 months and Pandora is about 8 years old. I know two young dogs will be a handful but luckily they're both well behaved so far.

and one last silly one of Kafka being...silly

This last photo makes me happy...I do a lot of distance running events and had just finished a long training run. My husband met me near the end with all 3 dogs so I did maybe a tenth of a mile with all 3 just for fun..and it was barely a run at that point and just made for a fun photo!

It would be easier if they would stay on one side..Why oh why can't the French and the Germans just learn to be together...

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