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Safe tick prevention

I live in NJ, and in this area is known for Lyme and tick infestation. We also live near the woods, and although we have a fenced in yard, rabbits fit under the small gaps and get in.
Yesterday was nice and my husband, our kids and our pup were out in the yard for most of the day. I found two live ticks crawling on my son, which freaked me out. I have two concerns regarding tick preventatives:

1) I dont want to harm my dog. I have read terrible things about adverse reactions. He is currently 12 weeks.
2) I dont want to harm my kids. I have also read reviews about certain meds where kids had reactions from handling the dogs that had the topical meds on them.
My vet did admit the topicals arent "great" for humans. I have read through the threads but still feel confused as to what works and is safe. Please help!

Also, any thoughs on protecting the yard?
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