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2.25 mm prong?

I use a prong collar for training my young male, but I'm finding it almost impossible to get a proper fit. He has a medium length shaggy coat and loose skin on his neck, and fitting training collars is a constant source of frustration. My trainer suggested I try a smaller link size, so I swapped the generic Petsmart "large" (3.3 mm) for a "medium" (3 mm). It's a bit better, but it's still either so loose it sits too low, or so tight the prongs irritate his neck to the point of producing little scabs.

I've read about people using the 2.25 mm size with a lot of extra links in this situation. Would this be appropriate for him? I'm guessing I'd have to order quite a few extra links to accommodate his neck size. I'd like to upgrade to a Sprenger for the nicer construction and middle link with opposing prong directions and I want to be certain I'm getting the right collar.
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