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Opinions and advice on spay site lump

This coming Tuesday will be two weeks since I had Sallie spayed. Her surgery site looked really good until the staples were removed (on day 8). Now it looks like a large lump and I am really starting to worry. Have any of you seen this on your spayed dogs? I called the vet and was told that it should get better with some time. It just looks odd to me and I was wondering what others who have had spayed dogs think.

One of the pictures is with the staples in and the other picture is a day or two after the staples were removed.

I was conflicted in whether to even have her spayed or not. Years before, I had a special dog near and dear to my heart that I didn't spay and after 10 years her uterus became filled with infection and had to have an emergency spaying which she never fully recovered from, causing her death. So with Sallie, I thought I will spay her and I won't make that same mistake. I hope I havent made one anyway. I love Sallie even though I never planned on loving another dog quite like that again. As I'm sure some of you know there's merely loving a dog that's cute, sweet, and an enjoyable pet, but then there's really loving a dog with that special bond where they own your heart and are more than just a pet.

Any and all opinions and advice are welcome and appreciated.
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