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pregnant dog I need help

So my brother was a dog trainer. He passed away last month and left me his dogs. A beagle and and his german shepherd. The shepherd is pregnant. Ive tried to do my research and had several vet check ups but im completely lost right now.

Some info. What I can gather on the paperwork left behind.

born july 11 2011
drescher haus kennel?
Dog has a certificate for ofa hips xrays a normal
Something about shuzthand papers. Something about a bh something and handler senstivity test something?

Last breeding was done on february 2 2014.

I gave all this info to the vet but he seemed as lost as me!

I took her in for an xray and the vet says shes going to have 7 puppies.

But if im counting correctly shes 64 days pregnant today. And the vet/internet says she should be due right about now. But shes acting completely normal. Eating pooping peeing. I even built her a whelping box but shes not going in there to sleep. I think she misses my brother. She has mucus in her pee for the last 9 days. Which people tell me is normal. It has a very light yelloyish greenish tint to it. Doesnt smell. Not nesting. Pants kind of a lot? Im going to wait another couple more days if she doesnt give birth im going back to the vet. And the breeder is over 3 hours away and I cant drive that far. Ive tried taking rectal temperatures but the **** thing is so inaccurate! Sometimes its 100.4 and other times it's 99.5. And the vet said it should be around 98 when it's time. Im so stressed out.

My brother loved his dogs. People have been telling me to give the dog to a more experienced person. But im not going to separate the 2 dogs and my family has bonded to them quite a lot. Puppies are being given to all family members. (Its like having a part of my brother with them).

Should I just wait it out? Or am I just being paranoid?
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