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Exclamation Getting New Puppy to Share with Older Dog

I've got an issue or an observance about Olly, a soon to be 8 week old GSD/Mali mix. We have an older, small breed dog who seems to have a passive personality when it comes to food. When it is feeding time, Olly will often barge into the older dog's bowl and the older dog will actually yield and give way to Olly (also with water). I really don't like this behavior as I was hoping the older dog was going to teach her dog rules and not to steal her food. For the moment I've been feeding the older dog on top of her crate but Olly will come and jump and bark trying to reach on top to the food (and not her own).

So far I feel I've done well with avoiding any aggression towards humans as I give her treats while eating and other things I've read here. But what can I do about this food stealing? I feel like feeding them in their own crates will just mask the problem and she won't learn to not interrupt other dogs eating.
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