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Puppy biting ONLY my father's ankles and pants

He has stopped doing it to pretty much everyone except my dad. My dad doesnt really like dogs. So everytime Konig goes near him he tries to shoo him away and Konig tries to goes for his ankles, feet, pant legs, etc. Then my dad will start pushing him away with his foot and leg.. which of course only riles him up even more.

Everyone else in the family remedied this by using OB training. When he runs up we ignore him, then eventually tell him to sit, down, etc.. before we pet. The rest of us do training with him.. and actually play with him, give him treats, pet him, etc. I keep telling my dad the best way to make him stop is to just tell him to sit, and give him a treat. Do this over and over again.. and eventually he'll just realize that he gets a treat when he sits or goes down.. or is basically just calm. But he refuses to care. Which honestly, thats his fault for not listening.. but its just annoying. He's 14 weeks now.. and I keep warning him that he'll regret not training him now once hes 90lbs. My theory is that he just sees my dad as a toy or a playmate.. and sees the rest of us as leaders. It doesn't really seem like aggressive behavior. Just.. playful.

Anyways, my question is, is there any way to solve this without my dad's involvement? I try "leave it" which pretty much works on ANYTHING else. I can leave pieces of steak on the floor, walk out of the room, close the door behind me, go use the restroom, come back, and hes laying there with his head down next to 3 pieces of steak around his head. When he barks at something, I can say "leave it" and he'll just sit down and look at me. BUT IT DOESNT WORK WITH MY DAD. He will just keep going at him. And I try not to waste my "leave it" power.. Cuz i dont want him to start ignoring that command. He's constantly on a small leash that he just drags around the house but I dont think pulling on the leash is a solution. Just a bandaid. Besides i think PULLING him just gets his mind driving forward more and makes him get even more riled up. Any suggestions?
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