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Question Changing kibble - how long do I give it a chance?

Hans came from the breeder eating Royal Canin for GSD puppy. He has done extraordinarily well on it - perfect logs every time. I wanted to switch him to a bit of a better food for nutritional reasons but also because he produces a LOT of poop and with our old dogs that decreased on grain free.

I first tried GO! but he just did not like that kibble. It surprised me as he'll essentially eat anything. It's a lot smaller than RC and to the touch appears really dry whereas RC is kind of greasy. No point in switching if he won't eat the food.

A few days ago, I got a small bag of Orijen (LBP). He LOVES the taste of it. I am mixing 1/4 Orijen + 3/4 RC. First day, he did great, regular logs as always. Second day by the evening he had pudding poop. Third day I added pumpkin and he pooped half log, half pudding poop.

Should I keep going? How long do you give them before just concluding the food isn't working as well? He had picture perfect poops before, even on the less-quality food so I also wonder if there is any point in trying to switch him.

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