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Almost 3 Years...

Almost 3 years ago, on October 12, 2011, I lost my beloved Snowy to cancer. I got her in 2000, when I was 5. We grew up together and she was my best friend. We thought she had an ingrown hair.. but turned out to be a mean, cancerous, mass cell tumor. She was misdiagnosed by the first vet she went to when we found the lump so we took her elsewhere. We went to Manor Animal Hospital and had Dr. Sue look at her. This was the best decision we've ever made. Dr. Sue was amazing and she showed she cared. This tumor was taking up her side at this point. Something that was so small and didn't seem like a big deal, turned out to be a big, scary situation. My Snowy was put on medication and even had 2 surgeries to try to remove it. After no luck, she started to show signs of passing. She started hiding in the corner of a room in our basement. I came home from school one day and tried to give her her favorite treats, but she didn't want them. She was hiding from me so she could pass. I remember falling to the floor, crying my eyes out. After a couple more days, we decided it was time. We scheduled an appointment to put her to sleep. My family and I couldn't watch her suffer anymore. She would just lay in the upstairs bathroom because she was so weak. My sister and I spent the entire day sitting in the bathroom telling her how much we loved her and how beautiful she was. We took her into the animal hospital and Dr. Sue explained everything and we had her put to rest peacefully. We all were by her side and our faces were the last she saw before going to sleep. We had her cremated and she is sitting in a beautifully designed box with a rose and her bandanas. I miss her and love her more than anything. She is my angel <3. Also, please don't take any uncertain findings lightly. If you see something on your pet that isnt supposed to be there, its best to go to your vet right away.

R.I.P. Snowy (Snow White) - 7.22.00 - 10.12.11. My Angel <3

Skye (Skye Blanket) (8.22.11) - My Princess <3

"God gave me you for the ups & downs, god gave me you for the days of doubt.."
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