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Atacking other dog when leaving a room


I am really hoping that one of you good folks can help me, I'm at my whits end, stressed and don't know what to do, so here goes:

When my dogs *think* they are going to be let out of a room, or their yard etc...the female GSD (2.5 years old) will viciously go for the male GSD's (4 years old) back legs. When this happens she is very aggressive and seems like she is in such a frenzy that she is oblivious to what is happening around her. I always have to get in there with physical force to break it up. Shortly after I have broken them up she will go back to normal and they will be fine with each other again. Yesterday when I jumped in to separate them she accidentally latched onto my ankle instead of the other dogs back legs. She let go straight away but I've still got 3 puncture wounds on side of my foot. It takes getting bitten fully realize the power they have. Just to make clear she wasn't going for me, I jumped in there in a really stupid way.

I really need to find a solution to stop this, separating them forever is not really an option long term and I worry that this behavior may begin to manifest in other undesirable ways.

So any advice on why this might be happening and how to counter it would be really appreciated.

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