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What to do with pup when at work?

Got a 7 week old GSD pup this weekend. Everything has gone great. He has taken to potty training very well (only one accident).

My question is now that the weekend is coming to an end, what to do tomorrow when my wife & I go to work and the kids go to school. We have an X-large kennel but he doesn't seem to like going in there.

He also seems to be very attached to my wife and I. We both left yesterday for a few minutes and left our 12 y/o daughter to watch after him. She said he got very anxious and whiny when we were out of his sight.

What is our best course of action? School will be out in a couple months, and the kids will be home with him. What to do until then??

BTW - Here is a pic of our boy, Boone.
What to do with pup when at work?-dscf1969.jpg
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