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I should be your neighbor! I'm the same way with my dogs. I don't leave my dogs out when I'm not home and when they are out and bark I immediately call them in. I can't stand to listen to barking dogs. It's like scratching fingernails on a chalkboard.

There can be a dog barking away quite a distance from me and I don't know how their neighbors tolerate it, when it's loud to me.

Seems like people just don't care. I know a lot of people have the attitude that dogs are dogs and that's what dogs do......bark. Yes, my dogs bark, but they are quickly stopped.

I would hope that you have an ordinance in your county that addresses nuisance dogs. I live in the country and people seem to think anything goes out her. They're wrong. I've taken the ordinance to several people and discussed the barking problem. They get a bit defensive, but I told them that I was nice enough to come talk to them instead of sending the Sheriff. That tends to calm them down.

One of the biggest problems is people who are gone to work all day and leave their dogs outside. Some of those dogs barked all day long!

People have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. I don't know how people can ignore the barking. I don't allow my dogs to be a nusance, therefore, I don't feel that I should have to listen to anyone else's dogs. Call me the neighborhood bark police. Lol

If I were you, I'd find out the laws and have a discussion with the offenders. Good luck!
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