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Why am I the only one that cares?

So I do NOT allow Kia and Sabo to bark outside. I am ALWAYS out there with them, even if it means taking the lap top and doing my research out there or stopping my favorite show that I'm 10 seasons behind on to supervise them. Granted, I'm mostly out there because I"m still concerned about them having a scuffle (which they more than likely wont, but I'm still nervous about their play style)....back on topic

The neighbors dont give a darn if their dogs bark! The neighbor to the left has a dog that is outside 24/7. Kia seems to HATE this dog so I've put a chicken wire 3 feet out and across the corner to decrease their fence fighting (brick fence that is falling backwards so there's a good 6 inch gap at the top and they can get to each other). I am constantly on her to ignore the dog when he's there and as long as I'm supervising I can stop it either right before it starts or seconds into it. No one else cares. The neighbor doesn't come out. Their dog barks off and on all day driving my two NUTS inside.

The neighbor to the right has three ankle biters that bark a lot too! My dogs dont care about them, more curious as to what the high pitched sound is.

The other night there was a dog that would SCREAM four or five times every hour for HOURS! No one came to stop was that crate training screaming. Drove me NUTS!

No one cares! What the heck? Even when my two are chasing squirrels I stop the barking. Running and jumping is cool, DONT bark. Barking is reserved for when there is danger. It's taking a long time to teach this, but there are other communication methods with them and myself, barking isn't needed unless it's an emergency.

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