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FMCP and maybe hips

My 9 month old puppy is having Fragmented Medial Coronoid Process surgery next week. Also looks like there is laxity in one of the hips.

The puppy is pink papered import from czech. Am not happy with the health issues given i went thru all the trouble of importing a puppy. Seems like I got the european version of a puppy mill dog.

The puppy is an excellent dog and i am very attached to him. So everything else is irrelevant. I want to do whatever to make the rest of his life good.

Can a dog with bad elbows and hips have a good comfortable life?

What should I do after the surgery to help him out?

The medical cost are approaching 5k and I think they will go to 10k before the hips are addressed. The money is secondary to the well being of the dog.

Any advice info would be greatly appreciated.

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