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Fire alarm testing >:(

We are currently living in an apartment, and just received notice that there will be fire alarm testing on Monday. Fine, not ideal; the fire alarms are SUPER, SUPER loud, but whatever. What's concerning to me is that the alarm co. people will be entering each apartment at some time between 8am and 6pm.

Husband and I both work, & we leave Hildy out during the day. In the past when the fire alarms have gone off, they freeeeak her the heck out - she sprints around with her tail tucked, ears back, belly low to ground, etc. So I am VERY worried about strangers entering our apartment while she's already freaking out about the noise.

Our property management co. is closed until, you guessed it, Monday morning, and hubby & I both have to work on Monday.

What would you do??? I could try to crate her but she hasn't been crated in months & has Houdini'd out of the crate in the past anyway. I could try to close her in a bathroom but she knows how to open doors ( here I thought I wanted a smart dog, not knowing what I was getting myself into) and we've never closed her in a bathroom before so I'm afraid she'd scratch the door to shreds.

I just don't know how she'll react to strangers entering HER apartment in the midst of a terrifyingly scary moment (in her eyes).

What would you do?
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