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Unhappy Help! Sensitive skin possible food allergy?

Hi Im hoping some of you with experience can help me..
I've owned my purebred GS Izzy for 5 years, she is 7y/o now. Previous to me she was at a show home we know she only got one cup of dry soaked a day but never sure what exactly it was they fed her. She looked alot lighter when we first got her also.

In the first year of owning her despite always being treated correctly for fles/worms she would always scratch. We took her to the vets and they said something of possibly having an allergy to protien...?

We had her on some very expensive dry for almost a year but as time got on her started to feed her similar things to what we would feed my Kelpie and she was absolutely fine. No real issues with scratching etc.

Not long ago she started licking her back leg so much that all the hair came off and it got very irritated and sore. When we treated that she started to do it in another spot.. That lasted 2 weeks and then she stopped however she has been itching like mad again.

Of course we treated for fleas straight away but she still does it.

Ive read a little about making her own food from home and just wanted to know maybe what you guys do or make for dogs with sensitive skin or possibly allergy?

Sorry for long post but I really appreciate the help
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