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Food Aggression help. (11 week old) Pics + VId

Ok just a little history. Got this pup at 7 weeks and have had her for 4 weeks.

Breeder accidentally had these pups. Decided to part ways with one and keep one. So I had no choice with which one I got. Well, when it came to him feeding them he filled a bowl with food. Im guessing the mom, dad + pups all shared. Im not totally sure but im assuming thats what happened. He told me that the pup I got ate a lot and usually feel asleep in the bowl. SMH!

Well when we first got her I fed her. Went in to grab the bowl and she gave me a little growl and stare like you grab and ill bite. So over the last 4 weeks ive been working to calm her down. She still eats like shes starving though lol. What ive been doing. Making her sit/stay before I let her eat. I was putting my hands around her and her bowl then correcting if she growled or tried to bite. Its worked...well up until now. This is the first time Ive given her a knuckle bone and this is what I got.

(I was moving my hand in slowly just to show you how aggressive she gets.)

After correcting a few times and having her sit/stay and her still doing this I took it away. Should I approach this the same way as the last time I did or what?

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